Worth Reading 6/14/13

It’s been another exciting week at the Dingman Center. This week, the Dingman Center Angels celebrated the last investor meeting of the year at the UMD Golf Course! Check out some pictures from day on the Dingman Center Facebook page. Now, let’s get into what’s worth reading this week.

Entrepreneurs use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so build their personal brand. Will those help you find a job or build the right team? Read this article from Entrepreneur.com on How You Should Be Using LinkedIn — But Probably Aren’t.
(Did you know Bill Gates recently joined LinkedIn?)

Now, startups can receive funding from… NASA? This past Tuesday, it was announced that NASA will fund startups that help develop technology for healthcare needs in space, focusing particularly on those that address exposure to radiation.

After the $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, Yahoo is still shopping for startups. Marissa Mayer and Co. announced the acquisition of GhostBird, an iOS photo-editing app and Rondee, a free conference calling service.

In the Business Rx column of Capital Business, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Liz Sara, gives advice on selling tool kits to businesses to a local entrepreneur aiming to simplify personal finance. Revisit our last post to see the Dingman Center’s community of entrepreneurs featured multiple times in Capital Business this week.

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