Worth Reading 4/18/14

This week at the Dingman Center we heard round one of the Fearless Founders‘ final presentations. The program guides student ventures from idea to launch using lean startup methodology. The final presentations showcase the customer discovery conducted throughout the course, how the student has pivoted to develop their MVP. At the upcoming Pitch Dingman Competition on May 1, Capitol One will announce those Fearless Founders who will receive $500 MVP Grants.
After seeing all these great student pitches, we’re certainly ending our week on a high note. Before heading out for the weekend, check out what’s Worth Reading:

  • In 2013, licensed products amounted for 110 billion in the US and Canada, but the licensing process is fairly complicated and often confusing. Read this article to grab five practical tips from a recent successful entrepreneur.
  • Household brands were built from a penny. Take a look at Enough Money To Start (infographic) and see how much it took to start an international brand.
  • The numbers of female entrepreneurs are rapidly increasing, but do you know which cities are ideal for them to thrive? Check out this article.
  • In Dingman Center, we teach college and graduate students how to become entrepreneurs. And today, more similar programs have been built, but the students are getting younger. Read Teaching Children How To Be Entrepreneurs and learn what students could have learned.
  • The World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies In Travel In 2014 were revealed. Check it out.

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